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I also talk about digital culture and it's relationship to modern spirituality, specifically (but not limited to) modern Western Buddhism. I post about music too, I can't help it. I favor hasitly written original content. I always accept questions and comments.

I am also a writer of no consequence, and I co-founded a company to pursue creative interests. We have a lot of projects going on, I'll try to make it easy to check on those specific projects..

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Meet Allan Benett

Allan Bennett (born Charles Henry Allan Bennett) later known as Bhikkhu Ananda Metteyya. Allan Bennett is credited as being on the the first Westerners to accept ordination as a Buddhist monk.

Allan Bennett was ordained around 1900/1901 in Sri Lanka in the Theravada tradition. Bennett published several books, and was also well versed in Hatha Yoga. Bennett is cited as one of the first formal introductions to Yoga and Buddhism in the West, particularly in the English speaking world. He was a very important step in the evolution and growth of Buddhism in the West.

Bennett was not only a contemporary, but a close friend of Aleister Crowley for many years. 

Be careful on his Wikipedia page, it’s glaringly obvious that his page is in no way impartial. Can the significance of his contribution be accurately assessed? No, but he was one of the first, and one of note; and for that distinction we thank him for his contribution to Western Buddhism.